Edgewater Industries develops and manufactures a variety of products including epoxy systems, cleaners, polishing systems, and more. Our research and development team is utilized to create custom products for specific applications and we also private label existing products for clients. Below are examples of some of the products we currently manufacture and sell under our own labels.

SRS Hockey

SRSĀ® Hockey Stick Repair System utilizes special epoxy systems that we have developed for composite stick repair. This includes Durabuild, ExoFlex, and AirCore epoxy. These 3 systems are very different from one another. Durabuild is a lightweight epoxy system that is used to fill voids. Once cured it is easily sanded and shaped to create a core for hockey sticks. ExoFlex is a lamination epoxy which is used to coat carbon fiber to create a composite external shell that is rigid, yet flexes without cracking. The AirCore epoxy system is used in conjunction with carbon fiber to fill larger voids and create internal shaft repairs.


Pour-N-Restore Oil Stain Remover is a unique product that we developed and patented. Applied as a liquid, Pour-N-Restore lifts oil stains as it transforms into a powder. When completely dry, you simply sweep it up and the stain is gone.

Motive Bowling

MOTIV Bowling is a division of our company that utilizes many of our development capabilities. We not only manufacture epoxy systems, cleaners, and polishes for the sport, but we also manufacture bowling balls, which utilize polyester and urethane formulations for inner cores, outer cores, and bowling ball cover stocks.